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Losing Melody
I'm Just Me. No Others
Saturday, December 17, 2011 • 2:45 PM • 0 comments

*Big waves to you sitting in front of your monitor*

Name : Yasmin Syahirah

Birthday : 26 Disember

Study at : SK Convent

Stay at : Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Status : Single Unavailable

Dreams : Wanna be a famous blogger & make the nice skin ever

Contact Me : ♔ Blogskins , ♔ Facebook , ♔ Tumblr , ♔ Fanfic , ♔ Twitter

Love It So Much



-My Bloggie


-Avril Lavigne & Taylor Swift

-Love eating chicken chop



-Hang out with family & friends

Hate It So Much






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Hye peeps ! My name is Yasmin. 13 years old. Don't forget to follow my blog. Thanks for visiting, come again :)





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